gemstone appraisal near me west lebanon nh

The Precious Gem Of A Good Appraisal

gemstone appraisal near me west lebanon nh

Have you been honored with a small heirloom? You might be curious to find out what its true value is. Needless to say, all these years, sentimental value was probably attached to some of the items in your small collection. Your predecessor was never going to hand it over to anyone but you. Among this small, precious collection may be lying a few gemstones. You might want to have them appraised.

I got mine done at a gemstone appraisal near me west lebanon nh. I never asked for much. Leave me out of your will, I don’t mind. All I ask of you is to leave those precious photo albums behind. There are just so much memories in these. There is just so much history in them. It even covers at least one great war. Most of the photographs are in black and white but that in itself is now a precious art. So by the time the writer was presented with his wished-for heirloom, he was given a small surprise or two.

As he gingerly pawed his way through the trunk, he found a small collection of gemstones, carefully and neatly wrapped in felt cloth. But the writer’s mind being a curious one, he just had to establish what it was all worth. So off to the gemstone appraiser’s office he went. He was invited to hang around but no, he had to go. He had an assignment to finish. That was quite alright because if you really must, you can leave your precious collection overnight.

Who knows, the appraiser you are dealing with might want to spend more time poring over the stones just so that he can make an accurate assessment before presenting you with his final report.

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