same day jewelry appraisal maumee oh

Recommended To Be Present During Jewelry Appraisal

same day jewelry appraisal maumee oh

The accredited and licensed jewelry appraiser wishes to make it known that he would like you to be present during the appraisal of your pieces. The case made for this same day jewelry appraisal maumee oh approach is that should you have any concerns about the work that needs to be done, you are able to raise them then and there. Also, you might gain a better understanding of the required work when you are being accredited with a physical demonstration as well.

And there is every chance that you will not be duped when you are present. But on the same token, should you prefer this, you are more than welcome to drop off your pieces and arrange for later collection on the same day. But complex pieces may require more time for appraisal. This is done using state of the art equipment. One set of equipment preferred by professional jewelry appraisers is the CZ master comparison set.

This masterful set takes into account the diamonds’ ability to change color. No set piece will ever be entirely the same. Another appraisal approach uses the five-stone Master Diamond color grading set. It has been certified by the GIA. Note that before the gemological laboratory can be accredited by the AGS, the appraiser or gemologist needs to have graded master diamonds in collaboration with AGS and GIA.

Certified diamond and other gem and precious stone appraisers are also approved by the insurance industry and legal fraternity. These are the people that these professionals turn to when they need to make assessments for loss adjustment purposes and the exact drawing up of last wills of testament or the establishment of an heirloom. And from time to time, clients may be pleasantly surprised to find that they have underestimated the true value of their items.

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