Do You Know the Perfect Ring?

Do You Know the Perfect Ring?

Picking an engagement ring is a hard decision that cannot be rushed. It is the first thing your fiancée will see when you ask them the most important question they will ever head. If you want a clear vision of how you want your ring to look, take a look at some of the engagement rings in Arlington. If you still don’t know what you want for your loved one, continue reading.

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Browse the Internet

Websites can have some great inspiration on the look of your engagement ring. Try staring on Pinterest or some other site that allows you to browse pictures and save them with ease. Keep everything secretive in order to avoid spoiling the surprise. Once you’ve looked at several rings, look at what they have in common and determine the overall style you have been drawn to. Are they mostly square or are they round? What kind of stones did you prefer? Does it look vintage or is it more modern?

Turn to Friends

If you have family members and friends with engagement rings, take a look at the style of theirs. Is there a ring you have always admired on an aunt or cousin? Take a closer look at it for more inspiring ideas – they might even let you wear it to get a feel for the look of it even better. Your family members can be a big help when it comes to your engagement and picking a ring.

Learn the 4 Cs

The four Cs are color, clarity, carat, and cut. These are used to determine your ring and the price range it will be in. The color is marked on a letter scale, with D being the highest and most colorless gemstone – the optimal stone. The cut of diamonds refers to the position and shape of facets in the diamond that make it shine and look beautiful. Clarity focuses on the flaws of gemstones while carats concern the weight of it. All of these come together to make the perfect diamond – so get familiar with these terms and set out on the search.

Choose a Shape

There are several shapes gemstones come in that you can choose from for your loved one. Some of the most popular shapes are princess and a round shape, but others include the emerald shape and pear-shaped gems. When it comes to shape, there is no wrong answer. It is strictly up to preference and what looks best, because there is no cut of gemstone that will go out of style. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, focus on what you like and what is important. If you want to be unique, then go for a less traditional cut. If you want sparkle, then the most popular cuts may tempt you.

Engagement rings are everywhere but finding the right one can be a challenge. Focus on what it important to you and your loved one and ask for help friend friends and family if you feel lost during the process of making a decision.