The Perfect False Lashes

The Perfect False Lashes

Your eyes are already stunning but adding false lashes can brighten them and make them appear bigger. There are a bunch of different types of lashes with varying lengths and shapes, so finding the right pair is important to getting the right look. At an eyelash salon jacksonville beach fl you can get professional lashes installed and look your best.

Every pair of eyes is different, which means lashes can have a different effect on them. A set that looks great on your friend may not look as good on your eyes, so let’s take a look at some of the types of eyes that could benefit from different lashes.

Deep Set Eyes

If your eyes are deep set, then the lashes you wear should be more dramatic and longer in length. This makes it less likely for the lashes to be eaten due to your brow bone, taking away from your overall look.

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Round Eyes

If your eyes are round, you should look for winged lashes with a more wispy design. These will be able to go along the lash line very well and create a classic cat shape for the eye.

Hooded Eyes

For hooded eyes, lashes that taper at the end with longer lashes in the center are an excellent choice. They allow attention to be drawn inward, alluding to depth in the eyes.


If you have monolids, then you should avoid heavy lashes that look unnatural. Instead, opt for lashes that are less dense but that are able to create a natural, luscious look.

Almond Eyes

For almond eyes, almost any variety of lashes work. Consider lashes that have a crisscrossed strip so that they look natural and voluminous.

Your lashes can look natural and beautiful as long as you choose the lashes that go with your eye shape. You can create a nice effect that draws attention to the beauty in your face and eyes.